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Manufacturer introduces touch switch and the lock switch structure

In general mechanical switches may be distinguished:
Switch from operation way for points knob type, and Board moving type (including button switch, and ship shaped switch), and button type; which knob type and Board moving type switch most can in operation Hou keep (lock) in connected or disconnect state, as daily using of lamp switch, and fan adjustable speed switch, this class switch most without stressed whether with since lock, because are has obviously of "operation direction"; only button type switch, using Shi are is by moving, most button switch are for by Xia Shi connected or disconnect circuit, release Hou state that recovery, Sometimes referred to as "Bell to switch" button-switching to keep "has been pressed" State, with ordinary switch, before adding with a self-locking device using self-locking performance, so that it can also stay connected or disconnected state, this is the lock switch.