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3.1USB Connector, A Brief Introduction

There are three connection interfaces USB 3.1, namely Type-A (Standard-A), Type-B (Micro-B) and Type-C
Type-A (left) Type-C (right)
Type-A (left) Type-C (right)
Standard Type-A is the most widely used interface, Micro-B is mainly used in devices such as Smartphones and tablets, and the Type-C primarily of new definitions ever thinner, more delicate equipment.
Type-C significantly reduced the entity shape, which is more suitable for short, skimpy on your handheld device, Type-C will replace the Micro-AB connectors (supports USB device directly, do not need to have a master system involvement), will replace the Micro-USB connector, Type-C Apple Lightning-like connector, pros and cons can be a good connection, more ideal than the current Micro-USB, Micro-USB foolproof mechanisms which have reversed, but the benefits of Pro and con can be than to prevent reverse, will be satisfactorily completed on the wiring in the dark. In addition, Type-C also enhance EMI and RFI mitigation features.