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  • USB Phone Charger
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    USB Phone Charger

    Portable travel charger adapter. Short-circuit and cover-current protection. Reliable quality, high transfer efficiency. Universal home charger adapter for mobile devices Fashionable design can attract most consumers.
  • USB 2.0  mobile phone charger
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    USB 2.0 mobile phone charger

    10W Adapter delivers both low no-load power consumption (<75mW) and high average efficiency ( > 85.45%) to meet DoE Level 6 and CoC V5 Tier 2 requirements.
  • USB Fast Charger Car charger
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    USB Fast Charger Car charger

    Maximum 15w Fast charger The USB charger can be fast for a variety of mobile phones,ipad,Galaxy,Tab and other mobile devices to provide adequate power, up to shorten the charging time of 35% or more.
  • USB Car Charger
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    USB Car Charger

    Car charger with 5V& 2.4A output,2 usb ports, charging 2 mobile phone and other devices in car at the same time in car .
  • 4ports usb car charger
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    4ports usb car charger

    QC2.0+5V 3.1A car charger ,4 USB ports
  • 9W DoE VI Fixed Pin USB Adapter
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    9W DoE VI Fixed Pin USB Adapter

    Energy saving and environmental protection The design team took a month to record and analyze the charging habits of more than 300 digital products. Then, this usb charger specifically for a product indicator-standby power consumption has been upgraded.
  • 12W Wall-amount adapter
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    12W Wall-amount adapter

    1.240V -100V wide voltage input, can work in a variety of more complex power grid environment. 2.Copper wire would transformer more stable,while effectively reducing the failure rate of the product. 3.U.S import power management chip
  • 5V1A USB Phone Charger
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    5V1A USB Phone Charger

    1.High quality over current,over voltage,over temperature, short circuit,etc. 2.Internal resistance to high temperature and heat resistance of silicone. 3.Intelligent recognition, not to hurt the machine
  • 5W USB Phone Charger For IPhone
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    5W USB Phone Charger For IPhone

    1.Compact and exquisite design, convenient to carry 2.Excellent insulating capability, high dielectric strength 3.Built-in IC chip and safety fuse 4.Over-load and short circuit protection insure safe usage. 5.Real 1A output, you can charger any mobile phone.
  • 5V2A Universal USB Phone Charger
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    5V2A Universal USB Phone Charger

    Black and white minimalist design Color is an important part or the product's unique taste.We also consider the actual use of usb mobile phone charger in the home, work and other environment. Designers chose the classic black and white, with all kinds of use of the...
  • USB Phone Charger
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    USB Phone Charger

    usb wall charger adapter with eu&us&uk plug usb wall plug adaptor output 2.0a high polishing case, very slippy. Beautiful exquisite appearance. white, black.
  • US plug wall charger
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    US plug wall charger

    The use of advanced high-pass charging technology,ergonomic design, built-in smart IC chip from Texas instruments fully compatible with digital equipment, fast charging to the device, while also bringing seven heavy protective measures to protect your personal and property...
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