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Quality as the core

Quality is our commitment to our customers, and total focus on quality is the company’s highest priority. We should not only implement a quality system, but also establish a comprehensive quality habit, quality attitude and quality philosophy.

For quality management, we adhere the principle of “do all things for the first time for”, the pursuit of good even better P – D – C – A quality management cycle and continuous improvement system, the intention of the pursuit of the ultimate goal of zero defect, and HuiYuan under the excelsior spirit, is committed to the pursuit of internationally recognized as the highest quality standard, through excellent quality management system, Every work is continuously improved under strict control, evaluation and analysis to enhance operational efficiency and achieve the ultimate goal of customer satisfaction.


Operation of the golden triangle

Users, products, channels
User: Operation goal, operation need to think about how to achieve operation growth
Product: a tool of operation, a tool of recruitment and retention
Channel: a place of people, a source of users; Existing channels and to be developed channels

User demand is the core method of operation, product is the tool of operation users, channel is the key to connect users

Cash Flow

Cash flow refers to the amount of cash flowing in and out of an enterprise during a certain period

Cash Flow management is an important function of financial management activities of modern enterprises. The establishment of a sound Cash Flow management system is an important guarantee to ensure the survival and development of enterprises and improve their market competitiveness

Cash flow is an important concept in modern financial management. It refers to the total inflow and outflow of cash generated by certain economic activities (including business activities, investment activities, financing activities and non-recurring items) in accordance with the cash basis during a certain accounting period. That is, the amount of cash and cash equivalents inflow and outflow in a given period of time


Value Creation

Value creation refers to a series of business activities and their cost structure in which enterprises produce and supply products or services that meet the needs of target customers. In the physical process of value creation, value is the use value of finished products. The main factors affecting value creation are: return on investment capital; Cost of capital; The growth rate; Sustainable growth rate. They are the main factors affecting the choice of financial strategy.

Profitable Growth

Revenue growth and profit margin improvement are the growth sources of corporate profits. Revenue growth comes from product price increase and sales increase. The growth rate of business income is an important symbol to measure the operating condition and market holding ability of an enterprise and forecast the trend of business development. Increasing business income is the foundation of enterprise survival and the condition of development