oint research and development/electronic mold design
    ability/product inspection/elastic manufacturing/quality advantage


    Joint research and development/electronic mold design
    ability/product inspection/elastic manufacturing/quality advantage


Collaborative R&D

Speed is everything in the era of global competition

In order to meet all customers’ needs, HHY OEM/ODM team keep on proposing the best solution and technical support & service for each project, no matter components production or complex assembly, just ensure from samples to regular production can be accurately completed in the shortest time


At the very beginning of the conceptual design & development, we participate in prototype design immediately and produce the sample through accurate engineering test. For the purpose of shortening product development time and reducing the cost, we bring in product lifecycle management platform so that the cost, quality and time can be perfectly controlled during the design process.

At the early stage of collaborative design, HHY establish project management team by following our customers’ requirements, combining with professional knowledge & experience through whole product development procedure. By synchronizing the manufacturing process of product design as well as transferring into the detail product specifications, processing, electrical property and appearance demands, then use 3D software build product model, integrate Auto CAD / UG / Pro / E, finally use structured analysis technology to emulate product design and improve product quality & reliability

Collaborative design platform

3D computer-aided design system: CAD (Computer Aided Design for 3D solid modeling): Parametric drawing, parts modeling customization procedure, 2 D/ 3 D parts database, CAE and CAM two-way interface connection, Fast 3D rendering technology

CAE (Computer Aided Engineering): structural plastic deformation analysis, electronic products vibration and drop analysis, space flow field and structure heat transfer analysis, noise analysis, multi physics coupling analysis , project optimization analysis

Electrical Performance Analysis:PCB for SI/PI analysis

PDM(Product Data Management;PLM(Product Lifecycle Management) / PDM (Product Data Management)


Material development technology: PC, ABS PC / ABS Blends series’ thermo-mechanical effects recycling and material recovery technology, plastic materials analysis and database establishment, adhesive database set up

Metal processing technology: stamping technology upgrades projects, stamping mold online monitoring and dynamic adjustment systems development

Plastic Injection Technology: injection molding cavity pressure and temperature analysis and monitoring mechanism development, gas-assisted injection molding process import plan

Mold ability

HHY is specializing in mold-related R & D, pay great attention on product accuracy with rapid mold design, manufacturing and maintenance capabilities, so that each process is completed within the specified plant. Productivity Growth, mold trial times reduction, Cycle-time shortening and cost down are realized by using computer aided tools CAE/CAD/CAM. With excellent technology support, design, processing and manufacture are perfectly combined

Our tooling development is based on advanced software including Pro/E, Auto CAD, MPI, MPA, Cimatron, UG, Ansys, Moldex, PDM, mold processing and testing devices from Europe, America and Japan (milling machine, jig grinding machine, precision grinding machine,CNC machining center, optical grinding, wire-cut machine, electro-discharge machine, projector, CMM, 2.5D measuring machine, etc), which providing customers with quality and guarantee.

HHY import multifunction machining and simple programming strategy, effective use of 5-axis CNC machining technology combined with existing secondary processing technology, the establishment model sample center provide customers with rapid and confidential prototype


Tooling Development

quick integration from concept to final product
provide complete solution from mold to production
tooling development and injection molding
Double injection molding
punch forming
Extended molding
Subtle press forging & continuous composite molding
metal powder injection molding
mold decoration
appearance decoration
secondary processing

Our design team uses the latest computer-aided analysis tools, significantly reduce product development time to ensure the function meets design specification

Product Inspection

During every aspect of production, HHY consider quality as the most important commitment to customers. Regarding quality testing, HHY had introduced the advanced testing equipment from Europe & Japan, to provide testing such as environmental chemical substances analysis, electronic components and product inspection testing, electronic products environmental testing and reliability engineering services, electromagnetic compatibility testing services, instruments and equipment calibration. By improving reliability testing as well as providing customers the best service, HHY wins many customers’ recognition. In response to the rise of environment protection awareness, the EU banned Restriction on the Use of Hazardous Substances, RoHS and Waste from Electronic and Electric Equipment, WEEE in 2003, as the member of green supply chain, in addition to carrying out the lead-free process of electronic products, we fully cooperate with customers for heavy metal regulatory requirements, since 2012 we promote comprehensive control of prohibited substances and make reduction of harmful substances released policy statement.


Chemical analysis of environmental controlled substances


Lead and its compounds

Cadmium and its compounds

Mercury and its Compounds

Hexavalent chromium and its compounds

Polybrominated biphenyls

Polybrominated diphenyl ethers

Fire safety research and testing of materials

Fire resistance test

Halogen test

Oxygen index test

Heavy metal content test
Other organic matter

Tetrabromobisphenol A

Phthalate esters

Polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons

Reliability Testing Services

Mechanical and material properties testing

Life test

Environmental test

Electrical characteristics measurement

Electromagnetic Compatibility Testing Services

Calibration of voltage, current, frequency, resistance and capacitance gauges

Calibration of length and height gauges

Calibration of mechanical gauges

Instruments and equipment calibration services

ESD test and EMI test consultation

Metal Materials Laboratory Testing Services

Test Instrument
Microstructure analysis

Laboratory :OM
Others :SEM/EDX, ICP, DSC, TGA, X-ray, TEM, etc

Mechanical performance test

Laboratory: Tensile test
Other: hardness test, bending forming test, etc

Physical performance test

Laboratory: conductivity meter, rheometer
Others: magnetic (VSM), thermal expansion (dilatometer), etc

Inspection platform
Microstructure analysis

General metallographic observation/grain size observation/step-conversion observation

Metal composition analysis

Quantitative/semi-quantitative analysis
Qualitative analysis

Mechanical and physical performance test

Hardness, tensile properties, bending formability, conductivity, magnetism, thermal expansion, etc

Failure analysis

Stamping process/electroplating process /smt process/other (MIM, etc.)


Flexible Production


HHY had accumulated abundant experience on components manufacturing in the past years, with complete production and supply chain, advanced R&D ability and strict quality control, perfect IT system, HHY aimed at providing the shortest delivery service.

In order to meet customer’s requirements for price, delivery and service, HHY had introduced information systematic design to improve the MES (Manufacturing Execution System), integrated with 8thManage @ FAS、 SAP Business One and remote real-time network monitoring & managing, so that the production management efficiency was greatly improved, meanwhile, creating more flexible value in the whole manufacturing procedure.

The advanced process reform system had greatly increased the added value of each individual, shortened the stocks and entire production cycle, so that lean production can be achieved. Continuous improving product quality as well as reducing product cost. High quality, low cost is our core competitiveness.


Flexible manufacturing system

Various product planning
Fast planning and modification
Process management
Billboard management
Advanced plan scheduling system
Excellent integration management

Quality Advantage

Customer first, advanced technology, comprehensive
system, entire staff participation

Quality is our commitment to customers, fully focused on the quality is our highest priority. We do not only implement a quality system, but also establish a comprehensive quality habits, attitudes, and quality philosophy


Quality Management System

Motivated by the spirit of excellence, HHY is committed to pursue the highest international quality benchmark through superior quality management system. In order to enhance operational efficiency and satisfy our customers, we keep on improving under strict control, detailed evaluation and analysis.

Quality System

Regarding quality, safety and social environmental management, we bear the principle of ” do it right by the first time”, continuous pursuit of better P-D-C-A quality management cycle and improvement system, zero defects is our ultimate target

Hazardous Substance Management

For sustainable development and human health on our planet, we are committed to reducing the usage of hazardous substances, setting strict process management, corresponding to international norms decree, maintaining the Earth’s environment and create new environmental value.

actively involved in the development of green products, new materials and alternative technologies to ensure our products compliance with regulations and customer requirements.

implementation of all employees and suppliers to comply with hazardous substances management standards, strict supervision to prevent the use of hazardous substances