Environmental responsibility

The environment is the home on which human beings live, and environmental protection is an inevitable requirement for realizing sustainable development

Nowadays, the world is paying more and more attention to the social issues centered on environment and energy, and fulfilling the responsibility of environmental protection while realizing customer value

We will continue to improve the environmental management system, actively practice low-carbon, environmentally friendly and green development, implement full life cycle environmental management, promote circular manufacturing, and address climate change. While committed to solving the global climate change problem, we will also contribute our share to China’s goal of achieving “carbon peak” by 2030 and “carbon neutrality” by 2060.


Protecting the earth’s environment is our top priority

Climate change/Marine environment/land environment

Climate change, preventing global warming

Low carbon green future

By deploying useful knowledge, technology and energy-saving measures, we will further strengthen our efforts to prevent global warming

Protecting Biodiversity

Recognizing that our business activities may affect the ecosystems and biodiversity of the natural world and working to protect the natural world

From the environmental initiatives in

To provide safe products that do not contain harmful environmental substances
And products that help throughout the life cycle

All products are developed with the environment in mind. From the planning stage and the facilities for manufacturing products, we strive to use advanced technologies to make life more convenient and environmentally friendly


Improve users’ well-being, solve social development challenges, and support people’s all-round development

Talent attraction/Diversity and inclusion/Health management

Talent attraction and development

Attracting, developing and empowering talent based on “Respect for talent”. In order to address social issues, the company is striving to develop people who can lead innovation and demonstrate diverse talents. A basic employee personal development policy has been developed to help all employees fully develop their abilities and achieve personal growth

Diversity and Inclusion

Promoting women’s empowerment/
empowerment of persons with disabilities

Strive to be an enterprise with a diversity of different ideas and values to fully demonstrate their capabilities and develop their unique potential

Health management

Maintaining and improving employee health energizes the organization, and everyone

The health of our employees is the foundation we need to solve social problems
In order to promote health management and improve employee attention and performance, five specific indicators were also established: exercise, sleep, mental health, nutrition, smoking, to support the health of the company’s employees


By winning the support of all stakeholders to achieve sustainable improvement of enterprise value

Business integrity/property rights protection/risk management

Good faith management

We will always regard abiding by discipline and law and operating with integrity as the important content of the basic code of conduct of enterprises. We will make clear the importance of integrity and compliance to the development of enterprises. We will take various ways to cultivate the judgment of employees and let integrity blossom in our hearts. Actively engage in dialogue and communication with stakeholders, carry out business activities with high transparency, and deliver honesty and justice to every partner of the company

Property rights (ipr) protection

Expand your business by respecting the power of knowledge and protecting intellectual property. Internally, we are committed to building a civilized and law-abiding corporate culture that respects intellectual property rights. Externally, we actively participate in social activities to improve intellectual property rights, leading by example, and are committed to becoming a leader and defender of property rights protection

Risk management

Information security and privacy protection/
large-scale natural disasters

Nip in the bud is crucial to the sustainable development of enterprises. Correct business strategy can guide enterprises to achieve success in operation, while effective risk management can provide enterprises with a safer internal and external environment. The two complement each other, which is an important way to promote career development and ensure smooth operation